Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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Spike and a group of vampires who have been bringing The Master back to life in a spiritual form. The big bad is now trying to gather three of the worlds scariest demons, who together can bring about the destruction of man! As the Slayer, you have to get down and dirty, killing vamps, demons and zombies alike, trying to stop this evil plan coming to fruition...

Buffy the Vampire Slayer the game, isn't as bad as you think it might be. Historically TV show to computer game conversions usually turn out to be something of a let down. However, with the backing of Electronic Arts, this game lets you enter into all the fun parts of the show that you normally just watch.

To give it a bit more credibility, the game even has the voices of all of the main cast save for Sarah Michelle Gellar, but those guys have to be laughing at the computer avatars of themselves, as the graphics leave a bit to be desired.

As for gameplay, well it is quite addictive and good fun. The best part of the game has to be the fighting. By jumping on any close furniture, you can turn a normal chair into a stake, and you can look for many normal items lying around to use as a weapon. You'll be amazed how handy a garden rake can really be!

You learn different powerful combo's to use as you go through the game, and Xander builds you new Slayer equipment which he gives to you each time you have a gang meeting, back in the library.

Another great aspect is that many levels are set in areas you will know well if you are a fan of the show - the school, Angel's Mansion, the underground church that also happens to be the Master's lair. Even for those who are not fans, the game is playable enough for you to pick up and enjoy, even though Buffy's selection of quips may get a bit irritating if you sit and play for more than half hour!

Bad points - Buffy's quips - if you are a fan or not, and also the saving structure. Some levels are quite long and you cannot save until you complete that area and get to its checkpoint. This means you may spend some time getting to the end, miss a step and fall into a crevice and bam! Back to the beginning to do all that again. The other point is health - you have to find most of the hidden areas if you want to have a decent supply of health. Other wise you could end up trying to get through some very rough encounters with only half a health bar - that is not an easy feat to accomplish, I tell ya!

Keri Allan

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