The Shadow of Zorro

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The year is 1822 and Don Alejandro, the father of Don Diego, believes he recognises the new police chief of California. He is De La Hoya, an infamous war criminal known as the Saragossa Butcher, long believed dead. What can he be doing in California?...

The black-garbed Robin Hood of Spanish California originated as a hero of a 1919 cartoon strip by Johnston McCulley. Spanish for fox, Zorro spawned a television series and a number of movies - including the rather poor 1982 spoof Zorro the Gay Blade featuring a limp-wristed avenger. Now he makes his way onto the Playstation 2 with his own game.

The Shadow of Zorro is a 3D-stealth/adventure game stylistically designed as close to the comic book and original television series as possible. There are eight missions to complete but I had a problem even getting started.

The game comes with no real instructions to aid you and it is most annoying to discover after 10 seconds of play that you have been captured - and believe me this happens a lot.

The game play is interesting - you move around in a similar fashion to Tombraider, but the designers have included a neat way of controlling our swashbuckling hero when it comes to sword fights. When you are in a battle situation you are presented with four of the right handside side controller buttons and you have to press these buttons in order as quickly as possible.

Other problems include a menu screen where the writing is too small unless you have a 32" TV and a generally too difficult amount of gameplay.

It looks good, and if you know what you are doing it plays OK, but £40 is a lot to spend on a game that will frustrate you.

Pete Boomer

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