SOS: The Final Escape

Format: PS2
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Age Restrictions: 11+
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When a violent earthquake hits Capital Island, the city is ripped apart. Hundreds are dead, thousands are missing and the streets erupt with panic as the fight for survival begins. As the tremors continue your need to escape becomes more and more desperate. But your route to safety is filled with unknown dangers and terrifying obstacles. Can you get to safety before it is too late?...

SOS: The Final Escape looks and feels very much like the Silent Hill range of games. However, instead of the threat of zombies at every corner, it is falling buildings, cars and bridges that you need to beware of.

The game starts in the year 2005 with your character Keith Miyamoto (a newspaper reporter) waking up on a large, and rather unstable, suspension bridge after the earthquake has hit Capital Island. The bridge seems to be deserted apart from a number of vehicles that were travelling along it when the disaster struck. And as you look towards Capital Island you can see that the bridge has broken into several pieces - making your journey there all the more perilous.

From the start SOS: The Final Escape will have you hooked. Getting off the bridge is no easy matter and every step you take causes the bridge to move - one false move and the whole thing will collapse into the sea. And once you finally make it off the bridge you realise your quest has only just started.

The controls are easy to get used to and you don't have to worry about falling off narrow gangways as you can only fall if you are running - if you are walking you automatically fall and grab the ledge until you decide to pull yourself back up.

There are loads of nice little touches which make you realise just how much attention to detail has gone into this game - for example you can pick up sunglasses along the way and when you opt for a first person view everything is darker. And the ability to collect different compasses is novel too.

As you progress through the game there are some great sections including an amusement park that collapses before your eyes and an underground shopping arcade that has turned into a lethal, twisting maze.

In this day of violent shooting and fighting games it is refreshing to see a game where you have to keep your wits about you without having to kill everything in sight.

This is destined to become a best seller. I can't recommend this game enough.

Nick Smithson

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