The Legend of Zelda
A Link to the Past

Format: Game Boy Advance
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Age Restrictions: None
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Take up your sword and prepare to defend Hyrule - the Super NES classic, A Link to the Past, is now available on the Game Boy Advance. As Evil seeps across the kingdom, you must explore deep dungeons and uncover dark secrets on an epic quest to defeat the evil wizard, Agahim. And now you can also link up and play Four Swords, the first-ever four-player Zelda adventure...

Zelda: A Link to the Past is destined to become an instant hit. From the start of the game - where you have to find your way into the castle - I was hooked. In fact, as I started playing this game on Friday in the office, I had to smuggle it out so that I could continue playing it at home.

Saving princess Zelda has become a bit of an obsession for me - I really can't put this game down. I was a big fan of Zelda when it was released on the Game Boy Color, but this is 100 times more addictive. Also the graphics are better, the music and sound effects more up to date and the gameplay is a lot more involving.

In addition this game also includes an additional adventure, Four Swords, that allows four players to do battle together (with the aid of link cables, four Game Boy Advance consoles and four copies of the game).

What more do you want? Go and buy this now - you're wasting valuable playing time reading this review.

Amber Leigh

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