Dark Arena

Format: Game Boy Advance
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A code red distress call requesting an emergency rescue was received from the United Arms organisation's top secret training facility codename Dark Arena. In response you have been sent, as part of a response unit, to access the situation and provide backup support. The facility was a genetic factory manufacturing horrifying monstrosities used to train combat troops. They had over run the entire complex shredding every living thing on the island even attacking each other. Now you must destroy them all and bring normality back to the base...

For Duke Nukem/Doom fans the introduction of Dark Arena will allow you to play yet another excellent first person shoot 'em up while on the move. The first time I played this I had to double check that I was actually playing this on the Gameboy Advance. The graphics are so good I couldn't believe I was actually playing the game - I thought it might be the intro screen.

Thankfully it was the game and it doesn't take long to get into the action. The game includes nine different weapons, which must be collected, with 20 real time rendered environments to explore.

This is one of the best games available on the Gameboy Advance and will go down as one of the all time classics for the format. If you are into shoot 'em ups then this really will get your blood pumping.

Ray Thompson

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