Space Invaders
Invasion Day

Format: PS2
Bigben Interactive/Sammy
Age Restrictions: 12+

Twenty-five years since they first appeared, Space Invaders are back! Space Invaders: Invasion Day is an out-and-out, old-school, shoot'em-up that sees our extraterrestrial enemies back doing what they do best. This time, however, the action takes place on Earth in locations spread across a major city. Players will have 50 stages to complete and ten bosses to battle against if they are to repel the Invaders...

Now here's a cool idea. Take an old-school game and update it for a new generation of gameplayers. The idea sounds great, but it doesn't quite deliver. The game looks fantastic, is well designed and even has a story mode to keep you involved. But the problem is with the original game - it's too repetitive and too simple.

Half a dozen levels into the game, and I was starting to get a little bored. Sure the number of different aliens is impressive and the scenery is very detailed, but you can't really move around and it would have been much more fun if you could run up and down the screen and shoot the aliens from behind. But then I guess as this is based on the original Space Invaders, this is the only way they could really have you control your character.

There are two modes included, Story mode lets you progress through the levels as the story of your character develops and Survival mode allows two players to attack the aliens at the same time - although in this mode once your lives are up the game ends.

The game also contains a hidden version of the original 1978 Taito classic - although don't ask us where as we have been unable to find it - which is a shame because I'm actually beginning to think that the original version is preferable to this jazzed up edition.

Sure the graphics look great and the £15 price tag is spot on. It's just that given a few hours, you'll be itching to play something else.

Pete Boomer

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