Nightmare in Dreamland

Format: Game Boy Advance

Everyone's favourite pink puffy hero embarks on another adventure to save his neighbours from King Dedede, who has interrupted everyone's peaceful dreams. Kirby must collect the scattered pieces of the Star Rod and restore the Fountain of Dreams. How's he going to do this? By copying the bad guys' best moves and eating - yes, eating - them and their weapons...

Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land is about as trippy as you want to get in a console game. Swallowing up the bad guys and spitting them out at other enemies is entertaining for a while, but things soon start to get a little repetitive.

I hate to use this sexist term, but this is definitely a girly game - or very young child's game. So, those macho types out there that like beating the crap out of each other will not really enjoy this.

Having said that, it is challenging and it is entertaining - it's just too cutesy-poo to appeal to the majority of today's game buyers. While it is immensely good fun swallowing monsters (and in some cases taking on their abilities - becoming a wheel, prickly creature or taking their laser) it soon gets a little too familiar and once that happens it starts to get dull. There are some good mini-games probably the best being bomb rally, but they don't really help to spice the main game up.

One for the young.

Pete Boomer

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