Format: PC
Gathering/Take 2 Interactive
Age Restrictions: 16+

Click here for a free downloadable demo.

It is the turn of the 22nd century and the colonisation of Vakyria, a solar system on the edge of the universe, is going as planned. You are Bolt Logan, a former member of the elite SpecForce, a man with a reputation for being the best - but also a man who was betrayed by an old friend. Now you are an anonymous mercenary on the run who has joined forces with a fellow bounty hunter called Carrie...

Chrome hurls gamers into a futuristic world of industrial espionage, sabotage and ruthless corporations. Playing the part of Bolt Logan, whose search for an income has embroiled him in a struggle between giant corporations, pirates and colonists, you must take control of a number of land, sea and air-based vehicles to transport yourself around the gaming environment.

This first person shoot-em-up consists of 14 missions set across five worlds, in dense jungle conditions, perilous desert canyons and game environments hammered by violent weather conditions. The scenery is breathtaking and those gamers who want to use a little more of their grey matter when playing Doom and Quake inspired games are advised to take a look at Chrome - and you can do so by clicking here for a free downloadable demo.

A nice touch was the addition of having to hack into computer terminals or gaining access to certain rooms. For this a universal cyper link is necessary and a memory game is activated to allow you the chance to outsmart the programs in place. A range of bio-cybernetic implants can also be used that increase speed, stamina and firing accuracy - but they come at a price... There is a chance that they may overload. But fear not. They won't turn your brain to slush, but they will take away some of your stamina if they overload.

Internet connection also allows gamers to play against other humans. There is nothing groundbreaking about this addition to the game - there are numerous games out there with similar facilities - but there is a perverse pleasure to be had from blasting a real person rather than a computer player. Games that can be played online include capture the flag, death match and several other well known battle scenarios.

It's fast and furious most of the time, but there are times when you can take in the beautiful surroundings. But be on your guard. Don't stop to smell the flowers for too long or you might end up dead!

Extremely entertaining.

Pete Boomer

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