Tron 2.0

Format: PC
Buena Visa Interactive
Age Restrictions: 12+

Click here for a free downloadable demo.

It is 20 years after the events that took place in the movie. Playing as Jet Bradley, son of Encom programmer Alan Bradley from the movie, gamers are digitised into cyberspace and must race on light cycles, fight corruption both inside and outside of the computer world and explore locations including the Internet Hub, Firewall, Corrupted Server and Light Cycle Game Grid...

For those who remember the Disney movie with nostalgia, the developers of Tron 2.0 have made a great job of refreshing something, that looks so out of date, for modern game players. Tron 2.0 looks as futuristic as Tron did back in the 80s. The developers have set this game 20 years after the events of the movie so there are bigger, meaner hostile programs roaming the environments as well as a better range of primitives (weapons).

The futuristic look and feel of the game is breathtaking in places, but the gameplay can be limiting - which is a little disappointing. The trailers and demos for this game have been around for quite some time, and this was one game I was really looking forward to seeing. On the whole I would say that I am pleasantly surprised with the overall quality of the game. You don't really need to have seen the movie but, for us oldies, it makes us feel young again to know that something from our childhood is fashionable again.

I really enjoyed the look and feel of the upgraded Light Cycle races, which you can play on your own, or against other players on the Internet. I loved the way that as you won more races your Light Cycle was upgraded, which in turn allowed you access to other races. Oh, and Look out for the Super Cycle.

It's certainly worth downloading a copy of the demo before buying, but despite the slight limitations on the gameplay, this is an enjoyable game.

Nick Smithson

Click here for a free downloadable demo.

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