Space Colony

Format: PC
Age Restrictions: 12+

Click here for a free downloadable demo.

Bored of planet Earth? Do you have a God complex but can't be bothered to start a cult? Then this could be the game for you. Leaving Earth far behind you can start up a new space colony. Take control of the resources, the chores, the living conditions, and ultimately, the fate of all the colonists and visitors to your space base. Turn the oxygen flow up a tad and, despite the terrors of living in space, your colonists will be oblivious to the dangers of the alien-infested planets they've made their home. Or plumb in a Jacuzzi and the worry that giant alien brains are taking over the base will simply melt away...

If you are a fan of the numerous The Sims games but want a little more to do than lounge around in a house you'll never be able to afford to buy in the real world, then Space Colony could be the next leap forward for you. Now you can lounge around on a planet that you'll never be to afford in the real world.

There are over 100 buildings for you to play with and it's up to you to create a colony that meets all the colonists needs as well as keeping them safe and happy. Make no mistake; none of the colonists you'll meet were ever on a NASA shortlist. However, a craftsman never blames his tools and there's work to be done. Each unique personality has a mind of their own so remember: a happy colonist is a productive colonist. Ignore them for too long and they will start to argue, pick fights, get depressed or go crazy. Nurture them and, like the cult members you've always dreamed of (or is that just me?) they will work tirelessly for you, become friends and even fall in love.

This game is a cross between Sim City and The Sims - taking the enjoyable elements from both games. I've always been a fan of The Sims, but the numerous additions that are now on offer don't really offer that much new. What The Sims fans have been looking for is a reworking of their favourite genre. And Space Colony provides that.

And once you get bored of playing by the rules, or are feeling in a particularly vindictive mood, you can torment your colonists too! See how many you can kill, or start a fight. Turn off the oxygen supply, or let the indigenous lifeforms run amok. It's up to you! You're the boss.

Another thing worth mentioning is the cool pack design which uses lenticular images to produce a 3D cover that changes slightly as you move your head.

Forget The Sims. Space Colony is the coolest simulation game on the market! But don't take my word for it - click here for a free downloadable demo.

Darren Rea

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