Format: PS2
Bigben Interactive
£29.99 (Game)/£19.99(Mat)/£39.99 (Game & Mat)
Age Restrictions: 3+

Dance 'til you drop to one of the largest collection of licensed music to appear in a dancing game. Tracks include chart-topping hits from Mis-Teeq, Sugababes, DJ Sammi, Sophie Ellis Bextor and Liberty X...

Okay... it's a dance game with a pink cover. So what do the sexist pigs here do? Refuse to review it under the misconception that they'll look uncool writing about a girls game. Well, they may not have wanted to review it, but could I get anywhere near it once they'd seen it in action? No!

Dance:UK may seem like just another dance game at first sight but there is more to it. It features a range of play modes and three difficulty levels from beginner to expert. The dance routines have been professionally choreographed by graduates from the Royal Academy of Dance and have been designed to exploit the new eight-way dance mat.

It's not easy to get the hang of using the mat. You're going to need a largish space and plenty of patience to get to grips with it. You can play on your own or on one of the head-to-head modes that allow you to compete against friends and family. And there is even a handicap system that allows players with two left feet to compete against the more accomplished movers.

And for a real party experience Dance:UK can be set to a consecutive multiplayer mode in which up to eight players can dance using one or two mats. The game works with any dance mats, but it was designed for use with the Dance: UK mat.

There is also an aerobics mode that allows players to see how much energy they're burning and a Juke Box mode in which any difficulty level and any track can be chosen and practised. You can also buy a wireless karaoke microphone, so that you can sing along with the tracks while your friends dance.

We opened this the second it came into the office and while the guys pretended not to show any interest at first they were soon bopping away. And that was it! Once they were grooving we couldn't get them off it.

That does probably mean that your Dad will want to show everyone that he still has the moves. Humour him... that's my advice.

Sadly, this is only going to have a limited appeal as the songs will soon become old hat. And it's not as though you can turn the TV sound down and play something else - the dance steps go to the beat of the music, but if Bigben release add on discs in the future, then this will be one series that everyone will stick with.

Probably the best dance game released so far - if you like that sort of thing. The only real complaint is that it takes way too long to get to grips with the mat.

Amber Leigh

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