Hidden & Dangerous 2

Format: PC
Age Restrictions: 16+

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The explosion sends shivers up your spine as the deafening sound temporarily causes you to lose focus. Did they make it out? Countless thousands of lives depend upon your team, the Special Operations Executive, destroying this airfield. You've eliminated dozens of the enemy, outmanoeuvred land mines, and covertly planted the detonators. But did they make it out? You regain your senses and stare into the raging flames. Dark silhouettes seemingly rise out of the ground... they're running! They're running at you!...

Fans of Hidden & Dangerous will no doubt have been eagerly awaiting this game for some time, but will this follow-up live up to everyone's expectations? In a word, yes.

You have the reputation of World War II's toughest regiment to uphold - the SAS. The lives of you and your team depend on your military mind and skills of planning, command and operational execution in six different areas of combat. You must complete 23 missions in nine campaigns from the jungles of Southeast Asia to the harsh deserts in Africa. Commandeer a variety of vehicles including trucks, tanks, motorcycles, and planes. Supply your squad with a number of weapons including pistols, sniper rifles, grenades, and bazookas.

You can play in first of third person mode and it's not long before you'll realise that both options have their good and bad points. There's even a mode that allows you to go it alone which is fun, but not very easy as your odds of survival are greatly lowered.

Once you've chosen and equipped your men (there are around 40 to pick from) for their first mission (something you can do manually or let the computer do) your off. The first operation sees you parachuting behind enemy lines to rescue a Norwegian pilot who has crashed. Off you set with your group to gain entrance to an underground complex, downing as many Nazi soldiers as you can in the process.

The game also features more than 10 vehicles including tanks, jeeps, cars and trucks and allows you to jump inside and control all elements. For example place your squadron in a tank and you can control the main gun turret, machine gun as well as the steering.

While the original game was great fun to play, it had more than a few bugs than really should have been ironed out and thankfully this version seems to have managed to have done just that. It takes a little time to get used to the controls and sort out your tactics, but once you get the hang of things you'll be sending your troops in to die like a pro (or maybe that's just me!).

The graphics and sound are impressive and this is one game that is likely to have you hooked for some time - it's certainly not the sort of game you'll have finished in a week. If your a fan of this genre then there is plenty here to keep you playing for a long time.

Nick Smithson

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