Celebrity Deathmatch

Format: PS2
Gotham Games/Take-Two Interactive Software
Age Restrictions: 16+

For those of you who split your sides laughing at MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch as it lampooned popular sports and event coverage then Celebrity Deathmatch the game may sound like an idea too good to be true. Choose your celebrity, or create your own, and slug it out to the death against your showbiz buddies...

MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch was one of those programmes that I always thought was a one gag show. Once was funny, but the more you watched the more dull and pointless the show actually seemed. Yes, it was very funny to start with, but just didn't stand up to repeated viewing.

So I was extremely surprised to learn that a game had been produced. Thinking about it though, in theory it makes for an interesting idea. It's just Tekken with celebs, right? Wrong? To start with you will probably have no idea who half the celebrities are - and there are many more well known celebrities that would have worked better. Don't believe me? Okay, then check out the list of characters: NSYNC, Ron Jeremy, Busta Rhymes, Carrot Top, Dennis Rodman, Mills Lane, Anna Nicole Smith, Cleo, Tommy Lee, Jerry Springer, Shannon Doherty, Marilyn Manson, Carmen Electra, Cindy Margolis, Mr. T, Joey Fatone and Debbie Matenopoulos. So it might as well be called Deathmatch for all the celebs included.

Sadly the game, like the TV series, has a limited appeal. Play each character once and you'll be laughing at their funny moves. But, played repeatedly, the gags soon wear thin. The gameplay is not that impressive either. We found that the best tactic was to repeatedly hit all the buttons and pray for the best - and that seemed to work.

Once you've exhausted the celebs included you can create your own character - sort of. From a very limited number of options you can change the sex, skin colour, hair style, face shape etc. But you may have a job coming up with anything that resembles a living celebrity. Although, we did create a passable Julie (Bet Lynch from Coronation Street) Goodyear.

You can also unlock extra arenas and celebrities. But they are not hard to get and within a day you will have exhausted all options.

Knocked out at £10 this might be worth a look, but to charge £30 is daylight robbery.

Pete Boomer

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