Railroad Tycoon 3

Format: PC
Gathering/PopTop Software
Age Restrictions: 3+

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The third game in this multi-million selling series is building up a full head of steam. With a fully realised 3D gaming world scaling from eye in the sky views of entire continents down to detailed close-ups of locomotives, buildings and landscapes you can play 25 scenarios to recreate magnificent feats of railroading history. Use the 40 plus locomotives, 35 plus different cargoes and more than excess of 150 buildings to build your railroad empire...

Starting with a modest sum of money, gamers start Railroad Tycoon 3 at the beginning of the golden era of the railways. Make the right decisions and you can move onwards and upwards as you lay new track, break into major cities, buy the latest locomotives and leave your competitors bankrupt.

Anyone who has always wanted to build their own model railway in the loft, but never had the money or time to do so, might like to take a look at this game. You can purchase and run more than 40 different trains from the original Planet and Norris 4-2-0 to monstrous late steam engines, from the 4-6-6-4 Challenger to the ultramodern EuroStar bullet train. If that means nothing to you then you are probably not going to be as enthusiastic as the many trainspotters out there who will no doubt be drooling at the thought of being able to run their own railnetwork - chances are you'll probably do a better job of it than the majority of the real life franchise companies out there at the moment.

Once you get bored of playing on your own, you can play against other players online. The game has multi-player support, including an integrated chat and matchmaking service which adds greatly to the gameplay.

The graphics look pretty impressive and this is incredibly good fun once you get to grips with it - which is no easy feat. However there is a question over how long it will be before you get bored and want to move on to something else. We advise getting hold of a copy to try before you buy - it really is a game that you will love or hate.

One game that all employees of Railtrack should be made to play!

Nick Smithson

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