Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Triple Pack: Brat Pack/Magical Adventure/Spellbound

Format: PC/Mac
Vivendi Universal
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Age Restrictions: 3+

Fans of Sabrina can now help their favourite witch to get out of some very different tricky situations thanks to the release of three games from Vivendi Universal...

First up is Brat Attack, where Sabrina and Salem engage in battle to get the Beanie of Ultimate Power back from Amanda the Brat. In a bid to put an end to Amanda's naughty ways for good, you must put together an anti-brat pack and journey to the other realm in search of the Beanie.

Next we have Spellbound. Sabrina has accidentally miscast a spell and is trapped. It is up to you to help her out. Start your apprenticeship as a junior witch as you experiment with Sabrina's magic tools. Collect ingredients in order to cast a reverse spell to set Sabrina free. Who knows? You may even earn your witch license.

The final game in this collection is Sabrina the Animated Series Magical Adventures. Based on the animated series, this game sees madness and mayhem strike the Greendale Mall and it's up to you and Sabrina to sort out the the mess. The devious Gem Stone has got her hands on a magical amulet and has gone on a spell-jamming retail rampage. Get ready to play five fruit-flinging, hair-hopping and pyramid popping games.

Each game has it's own merits and that is why this collection works well as a package. Individually, the games won't hold your attention for too long, but as a collection it is fun to switch from game to game.

At least two of the three games in this release (Brat Pack and Spellbound) have been released before, so if you already own these it's not worth buying them again.

This is a collection for the youngsters , obviously, and at around £5 per game, you can't really grumble. Good value for money.

Amber Leigh

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