Sonic Battle

Format: GBA

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Age Restrictions: 7+

While taking a stroll on Emerald Beach, Sonic discovers a damaged robot. Our spiky friend decides to take it to Tails in order to get it fixed, but on the way he is confronted by Shadow the Hedgehog - who seems intent on retrieving the robot... but why?...

Sonic fans are really being spoilt for games at the moment. It would seem that our prickly friend is in vogue again. And why not? In his Heyday old Sonic was the coolest console character around, and he still is extremely cool.

However, Sonic Battle may not be what Sonic fans were expecting - a 3D, story driven, fighting game. If you were expecting a nice little portable 3D platform game then you are going to be very disappointed.

Playing the game in the single player story mode, you go from fight to fight by way of a loose story which attempts to link everything together. While not the most riveting of storylines, it does offer a break from the endless fighting - which can get very repetitive.

This game only really comes alive in the multi-player mode, but unfortunately you are going to need a copy of the game for each GBA. It's so much more fun battling against your mates than the computer opponents. Not only that, but you are going to need to gather some friends together is you want to play any of the mini-games.

The graphics look great and the gameplay is frantic, but there doesn't seem to be enough here to sustain serious gamers for anything longer than short bursts.

It's not that this is a bad game - it's actually quite engaging when you play head-to-head with your friends. It's just that Sonic fans may feel a little cheated.

Nick Smithson

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