Jet Set Radio

Format: GBA

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Age Restrictions: 3+

In an attempt to stop the freedom of expression, the corrupt government of Tokyo-To have banned kids from doing everything that they love to do - including skating. This has resulted in child gangs taking to the streets to win back their freedom.
Can you help to reclaim the city for future generations?...

Jet Set Radio's appearance on the Gameboy Advance is pretty impressive. The graphics of the skaters look almost lifelike - in a blurry sort of way. And the gameplay is extremely engaging.

You start the game as a young kid determined to start a gang to rival the others in Tokyo-To. Bizarrely named the GG's, you must put your mark on the buses, and walls of the city so that other gangs know you are out there. But beware the police will soon be on your tail as you weave in and out of the city landscapes spraying everything in sight.

I'm not totally convinced this is the sort of game that is suitable for anyone under the age of 16. For some bizarre reason the game has been given a 3+ age rating. It's not just the rebellious content that is questionable, but also the difficulty involved in mastering the controls.

Thankfully, the tutorial level is compulsory when you start a new game. You won't be able to just pick this up and start playing. Instead, your friends take you through the basic moves (speed skating, jumping, spraying paint and, most importantly, stopping). And once you've mastered that you can start spraying your way around the levels.

One of the impressive little touches is the ability to customise your own graffiti tag. You can write your own name or draw your own picture in the easy to navigate graffiti editor.

Surprisingly original and addictive, this game should keep you amused for some time.

Pete Boomer

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