SpyHunter 2

Format: PS2

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Age Restrictions: 7+

Take the helm of the world's most powerful counterintelligence combat vehicle, the completely redesigned G-8155 Interceptor complete with new vehicle transformations, including the sleek snowmobile and four-wheel drive off-road vehicle. Your mission is to uncover Nostra's sinister plans for world domination and discover the secrets of a mysterious female agent...

SpyHunter was an '80s classic and trying to revisit a long forgotten era may have been a huge mistake. One attempt, back in 2001, to bring the game up-to-date was a pretty average affair, but was certainly more fun than this sequel.

Sadly this game neither captures the thrill of the original, nor does it stand alone as a game with any real merit. The graphics are well below average and the gameplay has a very amateurish feel to it. When you destroy enemy vehicles they either bounce unconvincingly across the road, or sink into the ground.

There has been an attempt to make the game feel fresh by changing your vehicles appearance as it rides over different terrain. Sadly, you don't actually have that much control over this. Sure, you can change your sporty little number into one with bigger wheels for the rough terrain, or turn it into a bike (which is a bad idea as you are likely to die quicker) but this soon becomes rather boring.

The missions themselves soon get rather repetitive and a tad boring. Not only that, but the difficulty seems random. One level can take hours to complete, while the next you may finish after only a few attempts. Once you've driven around one environment shooting enemy vehicles, you've seen them all. Even the two player mode doesn't really add anything extra.

Charging £30 for this is a crime!

Nick Smithson

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