Format: Xbox
Global Star Software/Argonaut Games

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Age Restrictions: 3+

Welcome to the world of extreme watercraft racing. You and you team-mate will travel the globe and battle other hardened teams that are just as determined as you to capture the top rank position in the sport of extreme watercraft racing. Experience breathtaking locales, intense weather and wave conditions, and you will confront some of the most challenging courses ever devised for this sport...

"Just what the market doesn't need," I hear you cry, "another watercraft-based game." And while Carve doesn't add a great deal new to the genre, it is still a hoot.

Choose your team, your player and then choose between tournament races, one-off races, trick practice sessions, or arcade mode. You're going to need to practice if you really want to get through this successfully. Sure, you can complete each race in a high position without doing any tricks, but that is part of the fun! There's nothing like doing a backflip, followed by a submarine, followed by another backflip to impress your mates! And once you've mastered some of the tricky manoeuvres, you can try some cool combos.

The race courses are varied and once you've managed to unlock some of the other courses you are on a roll! The music is great, the graphics are fantastic and to be quite honest, this is likely to draw in gamers who are not that fond of water-based racing games.

Personally, I preferred this over Splashdown 2. I know, a radical statement. It's just that I couldn't tear myself away from this game.

This game manages to seriously carve us the competition - leaving them dead in the water!

Pete Boomer

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