The Cat in the Hat

Format: PS2
Vivendi Universal/Magenta Software

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Age Restrictions: 3+

A young boy called Conrad has been tricked by his neighbour, Mr Quinn, into opening the Cat's big red box of Seussian magic - allowing it to escape into the real world. The Cat must help Conrad and his sister Sally, return the magic to the box and retrieve all three pieces of the "Crab Lock" in order to shut the box for good...

The Cat in the Hat video game is inspired by the film of the same name (which itself was based on the Dr. Seuss book). First impressions are not overly good. The graphics look a little dated - like something you'd expect to see on the old Playstation. However, once you start to get into the game, it soon becomes quite addictive.

Running around the levels, this 2D platform game sees you play as the Cat. Along the way your friend the goldfish is on hand to help you complete each level. Whenever you see a goldfish bowl, run up to it and your fishy friend will give you a tip. The banter between the Cat and goldfish is quite amusing to begin with, but it's not long before you've heard just about every insult going.

Chasing Mr Quinn around the Seussian land of weirdness soon becomes a little repetitive. While the bonus levels add a little variety, these are too few and too short.

It offers nothing new, and is a little too easy. Most adults will have finished this in a lazy afternoon, and I dare say most young kids will be able to complete it over a weekend. That said, this is supposed to be aimed at children and from that point of view it works well. Nice and colourful, easy to control, and not too difficult means that this should be a hit with all those little ones who loved the movie. The downside is that it feels like a run-of-the-mill platform game with a The Cat in the Hat label slapped on it. No real effort seems to have gone into creating a game that feels like an extension of the movie. The Cat's voice isn't even slightly like Mike Myers's in the movie.

The inclusion of the movie trailer is a nice touch, but I suspect that a lot of kids will watch that more than will play the game. Strictly for the very young.

Nick Smithson

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