Midnight Nowhere

Format: PC
Oxygen Interactive

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Age Restrictions: 16+

You wake up in a mortuary, zipped into a body bag. Corpses lie scattered all around you... But the nightmare has just begun, and even death offers no release. Packed with fiendish puzzles, gruesome murders, twisted morals, and serial murder, this game mixes in sexual perversion, sick satire, and a dash of necrophilia...

Midnight Nowhere is a standard point and click game with a hell of a nasty twist. Imagine asking four of your sickest, most deranged friends (?) round and between you trying to design a game that would shock! You probably wouldn't even come close to what the weirdoes at Oxygen Interactive have produced.

By the way, that's not an insult - it's a compliment. This game is fantastically funny - although I can see pressure groups trying to get this banned for it's un-PC content.

There are problems with the gameplay though. This is not an easy game, and you really are going to have to try everything - however unlikely you think the outcome will be be - in order to progress through this game.

The opening level took me ages to solve, and it did rely on some pretty ropey logic. I needed to get the axe from behind the glass. Now, these things are designed to be broken in an emergency, so why could I not wrap my coat around my fist and punch the glass through, or pick up an object and smash the glass that way? No, instead I needed to find a number... well, I won't go into the solution, but let's just say it was a little cumbersome.

Then there is the "sick" content. To be honest, most of it is just funny - which is what it is supposed to be. And the other "shocking" moments took me back to the first time I played Resident Evil in the dark on my own... the suspense nearly killed me.

And as for the "shock porno" content... This is tongue in cheek too. To be honest I've seen worse in high street Men's magazines and some of the knee-jerk reaction levelled at the smutty content, by other websites and magazines, is laughably over the top. We live in a society where young children can see naked women courtesy of The Sun newspaper for goodness sake.

There are translation problems too - this game is Russian in origin. And some of the text should have been proof read a little better.

If you are looking for a game where you skip around in a meadow, reading Bible stories to the young disabled children that you have adopted, then you are going to be in for a shock. However, if you have a sense of humour and like your games next to impossible to complete... then you'll love this.

Pete Boomer

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