Paradise Cracked

Format: PC
Oxygen Entertainment
5 060015 032033

Age Restrictions: 12+

For many years the world has suffered from overpopulation and ecological destruction, until the leading scientists created CyberBrain - a supercomputer that managed to solve all the global problems and turned the overpopulated and polluted Earth into Paradise. You are a young hacker. While in cyberspace you manage to break into a secured area and find a series of strange data packets. You hurriedly copy these to disk, not even having the time to read their contents. Only a few minutes later you hear a police siren, followed by banging on the door...

Basic facts about living in the year 323 of the new age: machines do most of the work; a general loss of IQ is noticed in the human population, the human race is evolving backwards and humanity is on the edge of extinction. Science fiction? Or a slight exaggeration of living in the 21 Century?

You start the game alone, but you gradually call on the help of others. Your speciality is hacking into computers - which is a handy skill to have as so many things are run by computers... in fact society as you know it is run by one mother of a computer called CyberBrain.

The game is turn based, allowing you and other members of your team to perform a number of tasks during your go. It's helpful to chat to other characters that are not on your team, as occasionally they will be able to help you complete a task.

The music is funky, and really suits the game, but I had a problem with the dialogue - the voice acting could have been a lot better. The graphics were okay, but this game was released over a year ago in Russia, so obviously it is a little dated.

Its not a bad game, it's just that its not that fantastic either. There is very little that the seasoned gamer won't have already seen before. I really wanted to be able to say great things about this game, because there is potential here. Sadly, all I can say is that it is an average turn based RPG game with a great soundtrack.

Nick Smithson

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