Spells of Gold

Format: PC
Oxygen Interactive

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Age Restrictions: 12+

Ever fancied being a traveller, moving from town to town trading your wares? Well now you can, as well as travelling from world to world. You'll get the chance to fight and trade your way to fame and fortune embroiling yourself in the internal struggle between good and evil...

Spells of Gold is a vast trading game, in the style of the 1980s classic Elite. It sprawls across dozens of worlds, inhabited by classic fantasy races and strange and mysterious creatures unique to these lands.

The game features a dynamic financial model, simulating complex fantasy economies where the player's own actions can be seen affecting each local economy. As the game progresses, as your wealth and renown build, and as your magical powers increase and you complete more of the side-quests, your actions affect far more than simply economies.

You're going to need to sharpen your battle tactics as well. It's no good travelling all over the universe, if you are incapable of fighting off hostile forces. And your going to have the be prepared to perform some menial tasks until your standing as a serious trader starts to take off.

The graphics are not bad, but the main problem is the long periods of time where nothing much happens, the next you are in the thick of the action. It's hard to recommend a game when you spend most of the time doing nothing.

But those who like strategy games will probably love this.

Nick Smithson

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