International Golf Pro

Format: PS2
Oxygen Interactive

5 060015 523494
Age Restrictions: 3+

As a young pro it's your first tournament, you are close to missing the cut into the final round. It's a big par 5 and hitting the fairway is a must to make the long second shot possible. You grip the driver and let it rip, hearing the sweet sound of the titanium head connecting with the ball - it rockets off into the distance. The drive is a good one and the crowd signals appreciation. Only pure mental strength and focus will see you through, have you got what it takes...

For some reason there has been a lack of really good golfing simulators for the Playstation 2. But then this is a genre that only really appeals to a certain type of person and finding that all important middle ground between a great simulator and an addictive game to appeal to the masses is not an easy one to master.

International Golf Pro is about the closest you're going to get to a fun simulator that doesn't take the genre too seriously. It's easy to play and incredibly addictive.

There are problems with the game though. To start with, for some strange reason the crowds have a habit of cheering and "Oooohhhh"-ing when your shots are not on course. This is particularly the case on the green. Also, putting is extremely difficult as it is not always clear if you are playing uphill, downhill, or across a slope. Other little niggles include the limited choice of golfers and the "out of bounds" areas of the course - if your ball goes there you have to retake your shot.

While this game is far from perfect, what are you expecting for £15? If you are looking for a serious golf game then you really should look elsewhere. However, if you want a bit of fun that you can get out every now and again and humiliate your golfing mates with... then this will do the trick.

Pete Boomer

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