Pro Rugby Manager 2004

Format: PC
Digital Jesters

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Age Restrictions: 3+
26 March 2004

Experience the thrills of managing some of the greatest European rugby teams and participate in any of the major domestic and international championships and tournaments. Failing the attraction of the limelight, why not rise to the challenge of guiding your local team to the highest echelons of the rugby world...

First things first. I may be stating the obvious here, but if you are not a rugby fan then you will hate this game. It's dull, boring and you'll probably be better off playing something a little less sporty. However, if you like your rugby, and think you can do better than the managers out there, then you'll find this game a total dream.

Pro Rugby Manager 2004 incorporates a fully 3D game engine and includes authentic stadiums, realistic and fluid animations, a real time interactive simulation, realistic tactics and strategies, weather effects and multiplayer functions.

The blurb on the pack states: "The most complete and in-depth rugby game ever!!!" You'll find it hard not to agree with this statement. Whether you are sorting your team out or watching a game being played, this is the ideal game for true rugby fanatics.

At long last, a rugby based management game that actually does what it says on the packet. A fantastic game for all those who take their rugby seriously.

Ray Thompson

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