PC Gamer Presents
B-17 Flying Fortress
The Mighty 8th

Format: PC

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Age Restrictions: 11+
26 April 2004

They call it "The Mighty Eighth", the US Army Air Force 8th Bomber Command that flew daylight missions over occupied Europe, striking at specific military targets with pinpoint accuracy. Become an expert at all ten B-17 crew positions and take control of the skies...

Mastertronic's budget range of classic games under the PC Gamer Presents banner is a stroke of genius. Now you can purchase some of the best games of the last few years. Only games which received an 80+ score out of 100 in PC Gamer magazine are considered for this range - so you know the quality is going to be spot on. Not only that but at under £10 games have not been this cheap since the days of the 48K Spectrum.

B-17 is still as fresh today as it was on its original release. Beautifully render graphics, breathtaking landscapes and fantastic gameplay make this a must own game for everyone.

Learn to fly the B-17G 'Flying Fortress'; take on the role of one of the escort pilots; become an expert at all ten B-17 crew positions - take off and land the massive bomber, shoot from all turret positions, navigate across Europe, operate the radio, execute the bomb run and even release the bombs; and undertake a realistic 25-mission tour of duty based on historical scenarios and targets.

This is about as close as you want to get to flying a real WWII mission. Breathtaking... still.

Ray Thompson

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