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The Elder Scrolls III

Format: PC

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Age Restrictions: 12+
26 April 2004

Enter an immersive virtual world and explore a completely hand-crafted universe where interactivity is taken to the limit in this sequel to Arena and Daggerfall...

Mastertronic's budget range of classic games under the PC Gamer Presents banner is a stroke of genius. Now you can purchase some of the best games of the last few years. Only games which received an 80+ score out of 100 in PC Gamer magazine are considered for this range - so you know the quality is going to be spot on. Not only that but at under £10 games have not been this cheap since the days of the 48K Spectrum.

Morrowind was the third in The Elder Scrolls series. While the first two instalments were extremely enjoyable, the developers of Morrowind ensured that they threw everything they had into the third game.

The gaming area represents an island three miles across. It's packed to bursting with hamlets, villages and towns and thousands of unique characters with which to interact. But, the real beauty is that you are completely free to roam and explore every inch of the island at your leisure. Or you can follow the main story and if you get itchy feet you can go off and explore and then come back and carry on with the game where you left off.

Those of you who are tired of playing role play games (RPG) where the characters are one dimensional and you are stuck following a rigid story path, will love the amount of freedom Morrowind offers.

While this is not for the novice RPG player - it might be a little to complex for some - for RPG fans this is a must own game. A true classic

Ray Thompson

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