Format: PS2
Square Enix/The Gathering

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Age Restrictions: 16+
21 May 2004

Cast in a chaotic world of pact-beast allegiances and warfare, Caim - a disinherited prince out for revenge - and his Red Dragon, the flying, fire-breathing monster bound to him, have entered into a pact that is mutually beneficial. This allows the Dragon to live, and Caim to rescue his sister - who has been taken prisoner by the Empire...

Drakengard tells a tale of love, sacrifice, obligation and bitter compromise following the struggles of a Union soldier, Caim. He comes to find the Empire, an army with unexplainable great power, has taken his sister prisoner. In order to save his only living family member, he joins souls with a dragon. Together they begin their quest to unravel the mystery behind the Empire's sudden rise to power. They will soon discover there is a connection between the Empire, Caim's sister, the mythical Seeds of Resurrection and the gods themselves.

You spend the game swapping between the two characters of Caim and the Red Dragon. As Caim, you must battle your way through hordes of raging soldiers to find your sister. As the dragon, you can lay waste to the bizarre creatures and ships that float above the castle that is Caim's sisters prison. There are also levels were you can continuously swap between both characters, to lay waste to your enemies on foot or from the air.

The first thing to grab you about this game is the graphics - which are incredible detailed. The rampaging beasts attack you in droves - which is incredibly frightening when you first encounter them. However, it comes as somewhat of a relief to learn that you only really need to attack key characters and avoid the rest - or attack them if you want to earn more magic points.

Taking on the role of the Red Dragon, you fly through the clouds and attack the strange floating platforms, which house deadly cannons, as well as a host of strange flying monsters - including bats, flying boxes and other dragons.

While the game looks great and plays well, it soon becomes obvious that it is a little to repetitive - fighting more and more waves of different beasts and soldiers does not make for a truly riveting game.

However, the fact that you switch between characters helps to keep the gameplay well above average, and there is something extremely satisfying about laying waste to so many mighty soldiers.

An enjoyable game, just a little repetitive.

Ray Thompson

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