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Mutant Storm

Format: PC

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Age Restrictions: 3+
11 June 2004

ogress through over 89 levels of psychedelic 3D arenas, that get ever more crowded with nasty beasties. This carnival of frenetic fun is showcased in a cutting edge graphics extravaganza. Viewed from above, you and your enemies can always be seen, always be killed, and always be laughed at! There is no hiding. No tactics. No planning. Your enemies created this world and they sure ain't gonna help you out!...

Mutant Storm is a challenging and totally addictive old school blaster. The best way of describing it is to compare it to the classic Robocon. Then add some of the elements of Tempest, Asteroids and Space Invaders and that, in a nutshell is Mutant Storm.

Every now and again everyone like to load up a mindless game - one that allows you to leave your brain in neutral. This game fits the description.

The sound is a little too in your face and you might be better off turning the damn thing down - or off. But otherwise this is as fresh a game now as it was on its original release.

At under a tenner, what have you got to loose?

Ray Thompson

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