Sonic Advance 3

Format: GBA

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Age Restrictions: 3+
18 June 2004

Dr Robotnik has used Chaos Control to break the world into seven parts, and plans to rain confusion by turning each into a Dr Robotnik Empire. Sonic and Tails, having been separated from their friends, team up to return the world to its original state. To do this, they must find all seven Chaos Emeralds and use Chaos Control to undo Dr Robotnik's mischief. But Dr Ropbotnik isn't resting on his laurels. He's used his engineering genius to perfect the ultimate fighting robot, and will do all in his power to stand in Sonic's way...

At last Sega has managed to release a Sonic adventure that captures the magic of the original series. After the hugely disappointing Sonic Heroes and Sonic Battles, Sonic Advance 3 is like a breath of fresh air. And how did they achieve this? By going back to the tried and tested format that made Sonic a hit in the first place.

Those of you who played and loved the Sonic adventures on the Sega Megadrive will be over the moon to learn that this game will bring back some glorious memories. Sonic Advance 3 uses a lot of the same music and sound effects as the original, and it also borrows heavily from these classic games for its gameplay.

When you start the game you can choose between being Tails or Sonic, and at first you might wonder what on earth use it is having the other character following you around all over the place, but this soon becomes apparent. And choosing the right combination of characters (as they are gradually unlocked) is an essential part of this game.

For those who want to play Sonic as it is supposed to be played, this is the game for you.

Nick Smithson

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