Shadow Ops
Red Mercury

Format: Xbox

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Age Restrictions: 16+
25 June 2004

Strap on the flak jacket of Frank Hayden, an elite Special Forces operative chasing a terrifying underground terrorist threat. From chaotic, bullet-ridded Syrian streets to the hellish jungles of the Congo, you must track down and detonate this nightmare, a nuclear weapon of unspeakable destruction known only as Red Mercury. The clock is ticking...

Shadow Ops: Red Mercury is a first person shoot-em-up which looks impressive, in places. You start the game in the thick of the action and it's going to take you a little time to get used to the controls... This is the game's first problem point.

The loading time for the first level is painfully slow and to make matters worse if you get killed (and you certainly will more than a few times before you get used to the gameplay) you have to endure the opening movie sequence again. While you can skip this, it is still very slow to reload the game to put you back at the start of the level. And this is a problem for all levels.

Wouldn't it have made more sense for the developers to have moved the save point so that you don't need to rewatch the movie inserts time and again?

The first level is entitled "Rough Beginnings" Oh, the irony. It is rough... practically impossible to start with. But, the fact that the bad guys are in the same position each time you replay the game, simply means that it is a case of trial and error if you are to complete a level successfully.

While the graphics and the gameplay are above average for the majority of the game there are some problems with the games AI and the fact that you can occasionally be shot at through walls is not very helpful.

There are a number of positive points. It's addictive - once you get over the annoying move and your dead aspect - and the surround sound audio track is fantastic, but there's very little here that is new or original.

Nick Smithson

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