Format: PC
Acclaim Entertainment

5 039225 232083
Age Restrictions: 12+ (with violence descriptor)
02 July 2004

The great war has started... It is the 30th century and the human civilisation is waging a war against one of the most powerful nations known in any galaxy. Tiglaary forces have almost managed to conquer Earth and establish their power in most of earth colonies. The entire galaxy has become a battlefield, and new outposts are rising up around an area where a space anomaly has been found - one that has claimed numerous space vessels. This area, known as Kreed, is also where your mission will take place... if you wish to accept it...

Kreed is a first person 3D shooter, a genre that isn't entirely short on entries. It's up there with racing games as the most crowded gaming category. However, just because there's plenty of 3D shooters around doesn't mean there isn't room for one more - especially if it's as good as this one.

The game takes place in a graveyard of spaceships - a Sargasso Sea for warp drive - which is a nice touch for starters and gives the action an immediate access to a whole host of different environments. You play a warrior from a semi-religious organisation who has to battle dark forces, meet strange alien races and generally hack and slash using an increasingly interesting array of weapons.

Okay, so you're still not convinced that Kreed's a winner - there's a feeling of 'been there, done that' to its basic structure. So let's break this down. The action is powerful, the environments are brilliantly realised, the narrative unfolds at exactly the right pace and the game has been design in such a way that you find yourself at the centre of the action rather than as an on-looker - a common problem with inferior first person adventures.

If you like big, colourful, exciting, fast-paced, inventive, subtle, dramatic 3D shooters then Kreed is for you. It offers a mix of familiar themes with clever twists that will have you drawn into the action before you know it. Simple but highly effective.

Minimal system requirements for running Kreed are a PIII 500 MHz, 256MB of Ram and a 5th generation video display card (ATI Radeon7500, GF2 etc). However for optimal performance with all features activated you'll need no less than a PIII 1000MHz, 256MB Ram and a 6th generation video display card (ATI Radeon8500, GF3 etc).

So is Kreed worth upgrading your PC so you get access to all the features? Almost. almost.

Anthony Clark