Army Men: Sarge's War

Format: PS2
Global Star Software

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Age Restrictions: 16+
Available 23 July 2004

Sarge returns from a top-secret mission only to discover that in his absence the Tan army have launched a sneak attack on his homeland. An attack so brutal it wipes out Green army HQ and his entire squad. A new villain is on the scene, a madman who will stop at nothing to destroy the Green nation...

Sarge's War is the latest game in the Army Men franchise. If you like the previous games in the series, then you might like to take a look at this. Although, I strongly advise that you try before you buy.

Before you start the action proper it's advisable to head off down to the training arena and get yourself accustomed to the controls. But, then again, that might not help any as there are a few problems with the software that should have been sorted out at the development stage.

One of the main problems I had with this game was its targeting system. On occasions you will be confronted with a Tan army soldier and even though he is standing right next to you, the targeting software will latch on to a soldier that is some distance away. Also, I found the controls to be frustratingly unfriendly. Hit first person mode and your character will sometimes be facing another way - very disorientating and a pain during battles.

Those flaws aside, this is a well polished game which looks pretty impressive. It's just that, in an already crowded market, it offers nothing new.

Pete Boomer

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