Chaos League

Format: PC
Digital Jesters

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Age Restrictions: 12+
06 August 2004

It's not very sporting, but the aim of this game is to win at all costs. Anything goes. Take charge of a team of crazed players; place nine players in your half of the field, then go and put the ball in the opponent's end-zone. Nothing easier! Except one small detail... the opposition players are determined to get the ball from you. On the pitch, as in the changing-rooms, there are no rules. If the ball doesn't really interest you, then carry on destroying the opposition using all the underhand tricks at your disposal. If that doesn't guarantee victory then magic and snares will come in useful. Even if massacring the opposition is encouraged, you'll have to use far more subtle tactics to have a chance at winning...

Anyone remember Blood Bowl? No? Just me then? Blood Bowl was a Games Workshop board game which pitted a team of Orcs against a team of Dwarfs in a futuristic bloodsport version of American football.

Chaos League is probably best described as a computerised version of Blood Bowl, but with a lot more going on. It combines real-time strategy, RPG and sports. Don't expect any sort of fair-play. However, if your feel the current sports games on offer are lacking such moves as "stamp", "high facial kick", "holding on the ground", "force passage" or "ball of fire", then you could just have found the game of your dreams.

If you are to succeed you'll have to manage, as best you can, the individual talents of each of your players and take into account the mood of the spectators, to finally be able to get a few points on the scoreboard and make the opposition look foolish. It's up to you whether you then comfort them or take advantage of them while their down.

Original, funny, and the perfect game for those who don't usually like sports games.

Nick Smithson

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