The Chronicles of Riddick
Escape from Butcher Bay

Format: Xbox

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Age Restrictions: 16+
13 August 2004

Set before the movies
The Chronicles of Riddick, and Pitch Black, this game tells the story of Riddick's dramatic escape from the previously inescapable triple maximum security prison Butcher Bay, home to the most violent prisoners in the galaxy. Take on the role of Riddick and win the other inmates' respect as you fight and creep around Butcher Bay...

The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay is a pretty nifty game. It offers far more than similar games in it's genre. The aim of the game here is... actually there are many different areas and pinning down what is so great about this game is a little tricky - there are so many great features.

It's a first person shoot 'em up... only you don't get to use guns in that many segments of the game. No, instead you must rely on your stealth and cunning to sneak up on guards and take them out quietly. Or, we found it easier to just run past them. But when you do get hold of some weapons, we found the stun gun - which fires an electric discharge at your prey - to be the most fun.

Different levels bring different challenges. These include walking around the prison making friends and beating up other inmates, bribing guards and sneaking off so that you can run around the maze of caves which forms Butcher Bay's mine.

You also get to see Riddick get his eyes shined - which helps you see in the dark in later level. In fact this is really handy, as you can disrupt the power to the lights and take out your enemy under cover of darkness.

There is also some sneaking to be done inside long tunnels of ducting. This is an essential plot element of all of the best sci-fi movies. Go on, name one sci-fi film that doesn't have the hero crawling through ducting at some point.

As you move along you can pick up smokes, packets of cigarettes, which help you to unlock extras in the game.

This game is challenging and fun. And just as you are starting to tire of a level, things spin on their head so that you are playing a totally different game.

In short, it has everything: quality graphics, cool gameplay, foul language and don't forget the ducting. The only down side is that once this game is finished there is very little replay factor.

Pete Boomer

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