WWE Day of Reckoning

Format: GameCube

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Age Restrictions: 16+
17 September 2004

Think you have what it takes to get into World Wrestling Entertainment? Think again. Welcome to the "minor leagues" of sports entertainment, where every rookie jobber in the industry learns the school of hard knocks. Build your favourite Superstar from the ground-up and graduate to the world of WWE programming. From there you will begin your ultimate quest for the elusive WWE Championship Belt...

WWE Day of Reckoning is without a doubt the best wrestling game to be released on the GameCube to date.

One of the biggest problems with this genre is that it is very easy to get bored with the game well before you've mastered all the moves. Being thrown around a ring by your opponents is not much fun if you have no idea what buttons to press. Thankfully Day of Reckoning has a great tutorial mode that will help you get to grips (no pun intended) with the basics.

In the story mode, you get to create your own character and have them progress through the ranks of amateur wrestlers, to eventually hit the big time. Sadly though, this mode is a little defunct if you are a woman and want to create your own female characters - there are none. In fact this is certainly not a game for girls - the sexist image and title "Bra & Panties" on the back of the game pack proves that this is aimed more at your sexist, brainless Neanderthal. And what do you think this "Bra & Panties" mode is all about? How about women cat fighting and ripping off each others clothes - yes, I thought that might prick up a few ears!

While this is all tongue in cheek fun, there will no doubt be complaints that this is degrading to women - I doubt anyone will complain that seeing a bunch of men walking around in swimming trunks, try to pin one another to the ground is degrading to men though!

If you play alone quite a lot, then you're not really going to get the full effect of this game. It really is much more fun in two player mode. But, if you want to get down and dirty with the best wrestling game on the GameCube, then you need to buy this immediately.

Nick Smithson

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