Warhammer 40,000
Dawn of War

Format: PC
Relic Entertainment/THQ

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Age Restrictions: 16+
24 September 2004

Ten thousand years have passed since the treasonous acts of Chaos toppled the Golden Age of mankind. Fires burn brightly throughout the galaxies, illuminating carnage and slaughter as mankind defends itself from ancient enemies. Hardened forces collide with one goal in mind, the complete extermination of their opposition. Control one of four unique races in head-to-head or co-operative multiplayer action, where faith, skill, and strategy are requisites in ruling the universes...

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War is a science fiction real-time strategy (RTS) game set in the violent, post-apocalyptic universe of the 41st Millennium. Command hardened troops, deadly vehicles and high tech weaponry with one goal in mind, the complete extermination of the opposition. Whether you lead humanity's finest - the Space Marines, the diabolic and villainous traitors of man - the Chaos Space Marines, the brutal and savage beasts - the Orks, or the psychic and technologically advanced alien warriors - the Eldar, you control the action and the fate of your race!

Now this is more like it. An RTS game with some real clout. Playing in single player mode is not what this game is designed for. However, before you tackle the realms of online gaming (or network play for that matter) you are going to need to play single player campaigns in order to work out the strengths and weaknesses of each race. Sadly though, Relic don't provide a campaign for the Elder race. This is by far the most complexed race in the game and it would have been really handy to be able to give them a full workout before battling online as them, or against them.

It's not that this game does anything ground breakingly different from the masses of other RTS games on the market, it's just that what it does it does with style. Attention to detail is breathtaking - the backgrounds, the individual races and the battles have all been beautifully realised. It was only really a few of the voice actors and some of the cut sequences which let this game down in any respect.

Dawn of War will not only appeal to those single guys who spend hours painting little lead figures and battling each other in die throwing tournaments, it will also drag in those that want a good, solid RTS with some incredible graphics. Dawn of War proves that Warhammer is not just for anoraks.

Nick Smithson

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