Format: PC
BHV/Rebel Games
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Age Restrictions: 3+
15 October 2004

Welcome to a new gaming experience. Each player is captured via webcam (one is included in the Camgoo Campack, if you don't already have your own) and cast into the virtual and exciting world of Camgoo. Control all the action in these fast, furious and fun games - with your own body movements! It's very easy to get started, and is suitable for people of all ages and with little or no previous experience in PC gaming...

Camgoo is a curious beast, but one that, for a limited amount of time, is quite fun.

This game allows you to star in each game. All you need is a compatible webcam and you can play each of the six games included by waving your arms, legs and head around like someone having a seizure. There's something quite satisfying about watching yourself on the screen - whether it's swatting biplanes out of the sky, or collecting pixy presents.

Camgoo comes complete with six mini-games:

Treasure Trouble: In this game you must defend your pot of gold treasure from nasty pirates - use your hands and feet to drive the pirates back.

Pixy Presents: In this simple but addictive game, your task is to collect gifts - but be careful, not every box contains something nice!

Maestro: As the old maestro conducts his orchestra, you learn to repeat his every move - keeping the beat as best you can - to become a maestro yourself. This is a challenging memory and music game.

Box a Bot: You are in the beam control room of a spaceship when enemy robots plan an invasion and try to beam into your ship. Fight to keep the robots at bay, only be careful not to harm the ship's own backup beam at the same time. This is a classic 'whack a mole' style action game.

Crazy Chores (Fun & Clean): Your task is to clean the famous art collection of a wealthy family. Brush, clean, wipe and polish as fast as you can to get the pictures dust-free. Sometimes you'll be most surprised which pictures reveal themselves amongst this famous art collection.

Cam Kong: Thrust into the middle of the screen and under attack by small biplanes, you have to kick-box to fight off your attackers and protect your new love, who can be found hanging on the edge of a skyscraper.

While these games will prove a hit at parties, or other social family gatherings, to be honest there's not much to them and they do become very dull very quickly. Nice idea, nice presentation... just a little pointless to anyone over 12 or under 65.

Nick Smithson

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