The Moment of Silence

Format: PC
Digital Jesters

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Age Restrictions: 12+
05 November 2004

Step into the shoes of Peter Wright, a communications designer working on the Government's 'Freedom of Speech' campaign. When his neighbour's apartment is stormed by a NYPD SWAT team late one night, Wright is drawn into a nightmare world of corruption, power and global domination...

The Moment of Silence is a high-tech political thriller set in the year 2044. The graphics and the plot of this game are, for the most part, jaw-droppingly amazing. However, many of the backgrounds appear a little too static. It would have been much more welcomed if a little more attention to detail had been spent on the rather flat backgrounds.

Due to the fact that this game is very slow in getting off the ground, many gamers may give up before they progress very far. My advice is stick with it. Sure first impressions are not overly hopeful, but the game does grow on you. But if you are not a fan of point an click adventures this probably won't appeal to you.

A hell of a lot of attention to detail has been added to this game. Ignoring the often flat backgrounds, the plot and voice characteristics are better than the average game in this genre and there is certainly plenty of humour injected by some of the many characters you will encounter on your travels.

This is not a game for those who want to kick seven shades out of aliens or zombies. There is very little in the way of action - just good old fashioned puzzle solving. George Orwell fans will also love the obvious influence of 1984 and Animal Farm.

For those of you who want to play a good old fashioned point and click adventure, but with a more modern approach, you could do a lot worse than this little gem.

Pete Boomer

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