Goldeneye: Rogue Agent

Format: PS2
EA Games

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Age Restrictions: 12+
26 November 2004

As an aspiring 00 agent dismissed from MI6 for reckless brutality, you are hired as an enforcer by Auric Goldfinger, the wealthy super-villain with a lust for all things gold. Goldfinger is locked in a ruthless war against his archenemy, the brilliant scientist Dr. No. The prize is control of the world's greatest criminal organisation...

Goldeneye: Rogue Agent sounds like a promising game. You get the chance to work against M16 and fight on the side of one of Bond's greatest villains. However, as you are fighting against Dr. No's army on behalf of Goldfinger, you might as well still be working for MI6.

I also had major issues with the title. Why bother to call it Goldeneye? This implies that it has something to do with the Bond film of the same name. Sure you are working for Goldfinger and okay, one of your eyes has been replaced by some new technology... but couldn't EA Games have come up with a better title?

The plot then, for those that care: A brutal encounter with Dr. No has cost you an eye, but Goldfinger's technicians replace it with a gold-hued, synthetic eye, earning the you the oh-so-clever nickname 'GoldenEye'. This eye is upgraded as you progress through the levels, giving you the ability to perform a number of tasks including the abilities to see through objects or disable your opponents weapons (don't ask how - too dull and complicated to explain). Along the way you cross paths with such legendary allies and enemies as Oddjob, Scaramanga, Xenia Onatopp, and, Pussy Galore on globe-spanning missions of vengeance and demolition. You also get the chance to travel to famous and original Bond locations from the mountains of Switzerland to the streets of Hong Kong and from Fort Knox to Dr. No's Crab Key lair in the Caribbean.

Sounds great... but no it's pants! Why? Well, to start with this is a pretty formulaic first person shooter with no frills. You can duck and that's it as far as any fancy moves are concerned. The extra benefits that your 'GoldenEye' provides are really not that special and the chances are that you'll be better off ignoring them. The first upgrade you receive is the ability to see behind solid objects - so you know where your enemy are hiding. But as they don't hide anyway (they pop-up every couple of seconds to shoot you as soon as you enter a room) why do you need to see where they are? The second upgrade you receive allows you to disable your enemies weapons. Again, pretty pointless as shooting the bad guys repeatedly has the same effect.

Another problem is that the rooms are almost all identical to each other - something that can get pretty confusing. Just moving a few bits of furniture around doesn't make it feel like a different room.

If this had been released on the PSOne only, then I could excuse the developers some of these problems, but when released on the PS2 it just feels cheap and shoddy. It won't appeal to fans of first person shooters, James Bond fanatics, or anyone who likes a good solid game.

Goldeneye: Rogue Agent is a badly stitched together game which could have been so much better - if someone had bothered to make an effort. Maybe they should have titled this BrownEye.

Nick Smithson

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