Jak 3

Format: PS2

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Age Restrictions: 12+
26 November 2004

One year has passed since Jak and Daxter saved Haven City from Kor and the attacking Metal Heads and the residents of Haven City have grown to distrust Jak's dark powers. When the palace is destroyed by a surprise Metal Head attack Jak is banished to the desolate Wasteland. With Daxter and Pecker bravely by his side, the three begin their next adventure where the battle for the city has just begun...

Jak 3 sees the return of Jak and Daxter (possibly the funniest sidekick in gaming history) as they fight their way through the wastelands that surround Haven City, Haven City itself, and the sewers beneath the city.

Jak is equipped with an arsenal of new weapons with upgradeable mods that enable players to increase their firepower as they progress through the game. As Jak has been exposed to Light Eco, players can now experience Jak's transformation to Light Jak. With a glowing electric blue aura Light Jak introduces new move sets, including the ability to glide great distances, emit an energy to block enemy attack, and power up at anytime. Dark Jak also returns with more capabilities, forcing Jak to find a balance between light and dark.

The story begins with Jak's banishment to the wasteland, a desert environment five times the size of Haven City, with multiple areas including mines and volcano. Because of the distance between areas vehicles play a large role - including numerous unlockable dune buggies and airborne vehicles.

At times you do start to feel you are just going through the motions, the challenges are never that difficult and you won't have to play through a level more that four or five times in order to complete it. Most determined gamers will be able to finish this game in a weekend. There are mini games within the main game, but for the most part these are not that exciting - but they do unlock some of the secrets. Not only that, but each level brings a new style of gameplay. While in the early levels you switch between the gladiator arena and driving through the dessert, this soon gives way to a whole heap of other gaming styles.

One of the greatest things about this game, after the game play, is the great sense of humour - usually down to Daxter's exploits. Some of the levels where you have to control Dax are very amusing. These include a water shoot ride as well as guiding an armed missile, which has the terrified Daxter clinging on for dear life.

The graphics are amazing, the game play is fluid (no long waits as each level loads), the voice artists are better than most radio plays and the music is fantastic. What more can I say? This is certainly the best of the Jak series to date.

Pete Boomer

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