Format: Xbox
Global Star Software
5 026555 241380

Age Restrictions: 7+
26 November 2004

Wisecracking, 12 year old Bobby Jenkins has stumbled upon his evil next door neighbour's plot to destroy the world. Caught, Bobby is zapped by a bizarre bolt of energy and transformed into his shape-shifting, alter-ego Scaler. With no way to call for back up, Scaler has to defeat all of his enemies or risk spending the rest of his life in reptile exile...

Scaler is just what an already crowded market place doesn't need - yet another by the numbers platform game. However, despite all my better instincts I couldn't help find something charming about this rather unengaging and unoriginal offering.

It could be the humour, it may be the big, colourful graphics, but something made me like this more than I really should have. Having said that, this will still not hold most adults attention for more than 20 minutes, but I'm sure that it will appeal to the under 12 age group.

If you are looking for originality, or a game that you just can't put down, you'd better look elsewhere. But if you're after a no-brainer that you can play in short bursts then this is the game you've been looking for. Add to this the fact that Scaler is available for the bargain basement price of £20 and suddenly this game starts to seem more appealing.

For platform fanatics who want yet another run of the mill package, with a twist of humour.

Ray Thompson

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