Robotech Invasion

Format: PS2
Global Star Software
5 026555 302876
Age Restrictions: TBC
14 January 2005

In the 21st century, humankind was freed from the confines of the solar system through the discovery of an alien technology known as Robotech. Contact with the stars also brought war with the Invid, a race of parasitic aliens bent on conquering and transforming the Earth into their new home world. Now it is up to the battle
hardened survivors of the Robotech Expedition to lead the way for one final attempt to liberate the Earth from the Invid Invaders...

Robotech Invasion is a first person shooter (FPS) which sadly adds nothing to the many other FPS already on the market.

The introduction of the new armour system (which basically enables you to transform your armour into a bike) comes in very handy - not for defence though. It really comes into its own when getting from A to B - mainly due to the fact that your character seems unable to run anywhere. When you do move it is incredibly slow. So, breaking out the bike is essential.

While the low selling price is attractive, it certainly reflects the finished game - you'd throw a wobbly if you'd shelled out £35 for this.

On the plus side: The gaming arena is huge and it's pretty easy to get the hang of.

On the down side: The voice acting is pretty poor, the music is dull, the aliens are all too similar and the choice of weapons is uninspiring.

In all fairness Robotech Invasion isn't a bad game, it's just that there are hundreds of FPS games out there already and this offers nothing new.

Nick Smithson

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