Immortal Cities
Children of the Nile

Format: PC
Sega/Tilted Mill

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Age Restrictions: 3+
04 February 2005

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Lead the people of ancient Egypt, as their pharaoh, uniting them as you elevate your status, striving to become a supreme and godlike ruler. Design and build glorious cities in which hundreds of people live and work in an interconnected societal web. Eventually you will forge the most advanced civilisation of the ancient world, achieve works of wonder and build a lasting and unique empire to stand for the ages with you as its personification. You'll dispatch your armies and navies to all corners of the known world, and erect monuments of splendour, including your own magnificent tomb. Come, enter your realm: the black land, Egypt...

Children of the Nile is claimed to be the next generation of city-building games. The knack to this game - or to be more specific, the thing you'll spend most time doing - is deciding where and how to construct your buildings. While that sounds about as exciting as watching paint dry, there is quite a skill to it, and it is exciting.

This is a game where eventually hundreds of citizens, each with their own individual free will and lives, affect your city-building decisions and your ability to construct and rule an empire. As the game unfolds you'll need to increase your empire and build plenty of statues in your honour to ensure that your name will be remembered for centuries after your death.

Unlike other games in this genre you won't have to worry about trivial things like money or defending yourself from a horde of trolls (although there are military battles). All you need to do is ensure that your subjects have enough food in their bellies and they'll happily go about their business - producing items in their shops to sell to the rest of the community and building the structures that you have asked them to construct. Your followers also fend for themselves - going out to the shops without you having to lift a finger.

Most Sim games can be frustrating - placing roads, buildings and people is usually dependant on you having enough money or room to place them. Children of the Nile does away with a lot of these frustrating problems and makes for a much more enjoyable gaming experience.

In conclusion, this will appeal to those who love Sim games, to anyone who is fascinated by Egyptian mythology, and those that fancy something a little different.

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Nick Smithson

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