Spongebob Squarepants
The Movie

Format: PS2

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Age Restrictions: 3+
04 February 2005

There's trouble in Bikini Bottom! Someone has stolen King Neptune's crown, and it appears as though Mr. Krabs is the culprit. Despite being passed over for a promotion by Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob and his faithful but dim-witted friend Patrick volunteer to make the perilous journey to Shell City to retrieve the crown and save Mr. Krabs' life...

Spongebob Squarepants: The Movie sees our heroes, Spongebob and Patrick, embark on a heroic, comedic quest that takes them to new and unexplored territory. You can play as SpongeBob or Patrick as they work together to save Mr. Krabs and all of Bikini Bottom.

First things first, this is a game aimed at the younger age market and because of that certain things have to be taken into consideration when reviewing it. Firstly, it's not going to be as difficult to complete as most games aimed at a more diverse age range. And secondly, to keep the little ones happy, it's going to have to keep their attention.

The gameplay is not overly taxing, for an adult, but should prove challenging enough for any young child. The graphics are large and colourful, and the game developers have employed an ingenious way to keep the little ones' attentions - you don't actually stay in the same level, or as the same character for very long.

The aim of the game is to complete each level in order to collect a special coin, as you progress you can pick up points which can then be used to upgrade various aspects of your character (including health and special attacks).

There are three main areas of play. You can control the character of Spongebob or Patrick (you get to switch between them later in the game, but at the start the game dictates which character you play) as you run around Bikini Bottom, drive the Krabby Patty around the streets or control a Bath Tub as it races out of control.

The characters look and sound authentic to the TV show and movie - in fact the plot is taken straight from the film. Although, the links between levels are a bit poor - dialogue with stills. Both characters have their own set of unique moves. And as you earn more points you can upgrade to power-ups like the Cart Wheel Attack, Electric Guided Sonic Wave Guitar and the Macho Bash.

This is definitely a fun packed game for kids, and to be honest there is plenty to keep their parents amused too (although it will get tiring soon for any hardened gamers).

Not bad at all! Soak up the action!

Pete Boomer

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