Star Wolves

Format: PC
Excalibur Publishing Limited

5 060020 471780
Age Restrictions: 12+
04 March 2005

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Imagine a future where corruption prospers on every planet. Imagine a future where danger lurks behind every asteroid. Imagine Space Wolves - a breed of freelance bounty hunters working together against the odds to survive and prosper. Your task is to hone your team of rough, unskilled pilots into a fearsome fighting force. Then using your mastery of space battlefield tactics, turn your squad into living legends as you battle against rogue AI computers, pirate scavengers and the ships of the corrupt ruling empire...

Star Wolves is a pretty engaging offering. This 3D space-based, RPG, strategy games allows you to choose your crew and head off in to the vastness of space and clean the galaxy of space bandits. It's down to you to pick your team of rough and ready rookie pilots and train them up into a mean, lean fighting machine.

It's worth taking a bit of time and effort to choose the right team. Each member possesses their own unique personality, ability and skills and it can make all the difference if the team dynamics are not right.

Once you have your motley crew it's time to set off in search of rouge AI computers, human space pirates, bloodthirsty space scavengers and the spaceships of the corrupt ruling empires... but don't expect to be soaring through space in a cool craft. You start the game piloting the space equivalent of a clapped out Morris Minor and must earn the right to upgrade to a better vessel.

The graphics are pretty impressive and the gameplay is fantastic. I couldn't help being reminded of that old classic Spectrum 48K game Elite. While, obviously the graphics and gameplay have leapt forward in leaps and bounds (and unlike Elite you are not travelling between planets to trade goods), in essence I found this to be as original and addictive as Elite.

To sum up, Star Wolves is a 3D RPG strategy game for those who like to to use their brains rather than going in all guns blazing. It's fun, frantic and damn cool.

You don't have to take our word. Click here for a free downloadable demo so that you can make up your own mind on whether you should part with your money.

Nick Smithson

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