Project Rub

Format: Nintendo DS

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Age Restrictions: 12+
11 March 2005

Fall weirdly, wonderfully in rub love. Rub, touch, shout and blow to perform madcap stunts, impress the girl of your dreams and rescue her from danger...

Project Rub is one of the launch titles for the Nintendo DS. And to be honest this is probably the game that will raise awareness of the console and ensure that the public flock to buy it.

You play a love struck kid who has fallen for the girl of his dreams. But how can he ensure that she's even aware of his existence?

You join a super performance group called the Rub Rabbits. Their leader (who, for reasons best not thought about, wears a very fetching set of false rabbit ears) wants to help you win your girl. And so he sets about turning you into a brave hunk of a man. Play a selection of games, be triumphant, and will the affection of your girl.

What sort of games are there? Well how about removing goldfish from one of the Rub Rabbit's stomach? Or blowing out a giant candle? And once you've successfully completed all the games in a level you get to go to the boss stage. Here you have to fight to protect your girl and if you're successful you can move onto the love stage.

There are hidden rabbits which, if you find them open up extras in the game. Find a rabbit and it gives you a different element so that you can change the appearance of the girl you want to attract. This way you can turn her into that librarian you've always fancied, or that sexy weather girl you constantly fantasise about... er... for example.

Project Rub is ingeniously refreshing and damn addictive. You won't have seen anything else quite like it.

Ray Thompson

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