Puyo Pop Fever

Format: GBA


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Age Restrictions: 3+
24 March 2005

Remove as many Puyo from the playfield as you can by connecting 4 Puyos of the same colour. Sounds simple but with 4 different single player games, a 2 player link game and 4 player multiplayer modes, as well the addition of Puyo Fever, this game will take a life time to learn...

An updated version of the classic puzzle game featuring a new "fever" mode. In all honesty, if you already own one of the bubble popping games on the market (the original Puyo Pop, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine or Kirby's Avalanche) there's nothing here worth raving about.

You know the rules. Different coloured "puyo's" fall from the sky and it is your job to arrange them so that when four or more of the same colour touch they "pop" - hence the title Puyo Pop.

In one player mode the difficulty soon ramps up - to the point where you'll probably spend ages trying to get past level five. The new "fever" mode allows you to drop more clear puyos on your opponents head - if you quickly negotiate the right place to dump your puyos to ensure that they clears three or four different runs in one go.

Nice graphics, annoyingly addictive music and good old fashioned un-put-downable game play make this a must buy game if you don't already own a bubble popping style game already. There's hours and hours of fun to be had here.

Amber Leigh

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