Splinter Cell
Chaos Theory

Format: Xbox

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Age Restrictions: 16+
01 April 2005

The year is 2008. As war erupts on the Korean Peninsula, Sam Fisher must thwart the alliance between the Japanese Admiral, a neurotic computer hacker, and the head of an international paramilitary company in order to prevent the rekindling of a massive world war in the Pacific...

My first impressions of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory were not overly impressive. Due to the fact that we very rarely get instruction manuals with review versions of games and there wasn't a tutorial, that I could find anyway, starting the first mission was extremely frustrating. Once I'd figured out the controls I couldn't work out where I was supposed to go and then, when I had worked that out, I was killed almost instantly - and that seemed to happen a lot.

My advice is read the instructions carefully and then spend some time getting used to sneaking around and taking your enemies out without using your weapons (either sneak up behind them and render them unconscious, or run at them and knock them for six). You don't get many bullets during your missions and this tactic will also prepare you for later levels when you are under orders not to kill the guards. Also pick items up (rocks, bottles etc) and throw them at lights so that you can creep around under cover of darkness.

Once you get used to the controls there is much fun to be had sneaking around picking locks, hacking into computers and trying to complete all of your objectives without drawing too much attention to yourself. But I found getting to the extraction point at the end of each level to be a real pain. This usually involved me wandering around the level trying to work out where to go (the map wasn't overly helpful and was really difficult to manipulate).

But by far the best feature of this game is the co-op missions that allows you and a friend (online or sitting in your front room with you) to go on missions together. This adds a whole other angle to the game play and you'll have great fun shouting at each other to ensure you complete the missions successfully.

This is one of the best games in its field... hell... probably one of the best games available on the Xbox at this present time. Go and buy!

Nick Smithson

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