Spy Vs Spy

Format: PS2
Global Star Software


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Age Restrictions: 12+
29 April 2005

Embittered rivals White Spy and Black Spy return for more comical sabotage in this action-espionage game based on the characters made famous in MAD Magazine. Your mission is to retrieve top-secret information, while trying to outwit and outlast up to three friends (or enemies). Outlandish traps and hazards abound...

If, like me, you were a fan of the MAD Magazine strip Spy Vs Spy, you may also recall the old computer game that was around in the '80s. I used to have a copy for the ZX Spectrum. Now, while it wasn't a cutting edge affair, I still had plenty of hours of fun setting traps and watching as my opponent was electrocuted or smashed in the face with a giant boxing glove. So, when this game dropped on my desk for review I was almost drowned in a huge wave of nostalgia.

But, I was a little dubious as to how this game would measure up. Thankfully, Global Star Software has managed to pack all the fun of the comic strip into a very enjoyable 3D platform game.

The first level, which is also the training level, sees you running around a mansion, opening safes and trying to outwit your opponent. The second level sees the circus come to town and you have to run around the big top and local area in order to pick up plans, secrets and as much money as you can. There are also plenty of mini games that help to spice the game play up considerably. In the circus level this includes a game of pairs using a large board and catapult. Get all the pairs and this sets in motion a hidden area of the game where you can collect an item in order to progress further in the level.

Other levels include a robot factory, an oil rig, a haunted house, a volcanic island and Area-51 (this is as far as we've got any way) and the selection of weapons and enemies is fairly interesting: monkeys in bumper cars, oil rig workers, crazed robots, alligator firemen (go figure) and aliens are just a few.

The main disappointment with this game is that you can't save it as you go along - it will only save for you once you've completed a level. And on the oil rig level once you reach the boss you have to destroy his vehicle and then him. If he kills you then you have to go back and destroy his vehicle again - which is a real pain.

The graphics are big, bright and very colourful and the music is fantastic too - capturing the essence of what Spy Vs Spy is all about.

You can also unlock features such as disguises and weapons. In Mod-A-Spy Mode, go deep undercover donning the unlockable disguises and fooling your foolish opponents. There are a total of eight game modes including: Modern, Classic, Story and five multiplayer modes such as Death Match, Armed and Loaded, Get Mad, Last Man Standing and Run and Gun.

Add to this the fact that it is available for less than £20 and you have yourself a pretty entertaining game which is great value for money.

Nick Smithson

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